DMI Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Search Marketing (in partnership with Neil Patel)

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NEW: DMI Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Search Marketing


(in partnership with Neil Patel)

The customer journey is changing faster than ever before. Can you keep up?

The Digital Marketing Institute’s new Search Marketing Diploma is here to get you ready – with the chance to learn directly from top SEO expert Neil Patel and his team.

Explore SEO, PPC, search strategy and data analytics, as well as getting ready for GA4. Stay ahead of your competitors. Be found online.

This online search marketing qualification will cement your expert status in search marketing. You’ll learn how to:


      • Rise up in Google rankings and become the go-to brand or authority

      • Master the practical stuff. This course merges thought leadership and the technical skills, tools and tactics you need to get the job done. We give you everything you need to plan, implement and measure an effective SEO campaign – to make your brand seen

      • Create and position content which ultimately leads on a journey to conversion. It’s about context and relevance. Together they make meaning.

        And inspire behavior

      • Get to grips with where search is going. From GA4 and AI to more effective demand generation and omnichannel strategies

      • Optimize your website. Create a smooth and effective consumer journey

      • Measure more. Succeed better. Apply key search marketing campaign metrics, performance analysis and campaign optimization for higher conversion rates

      • Predict the future. Use all the data at your fingertips to help forecast future performance


 Module 1 – Introduction


      • Being found in the right place at the right time may look effortless but it’s an art. You’re going to need lots of key concepts, tools and tricks.

      • Explore how search elements like SEO and PPC work together to drive targeted traffic that converts into sales

      • Learn all about how the algorithms match up with what people are searching for and how to make the most of them

      • Measure your campaigns. What worked? What didn’t? Use data and reporting to keep getting better

Module 2 – SEO Set Up and Content


The search engine can feel all seeing, all knowing but it can be won over. SEO is the way to come out on top. Understanding the algorithms and ranking factors puts you in the driver’s seat. But that’s not all. What does it take to really engage people? Content that speaks to them. So, here’s what you need to make it happen:


      • Conduct keyword research to discover what your audiences care about

      • Build an SEO content plan to find people where they are

      • Create quality content that both your audience and the search engine like

      • Implement on-page optimization for better engagement

Module 3 – Optimising SEO


Everyone wants to get their website in front of more people. The right people. That’s where search engine optimisation comes in. There’s a lot to get a handle on with SEO, many elements working together to make your content more visible.


      • Choose the best SEO tactics for different points of the buyer’s journey

      • Become the pro who can troubleshoot technical SEO, crawlability, and performance issues

      • Earn trust and authority with backlinks

      • Optimise for local, national, and international SEO to find people anywhere

Module 4 – Paid Search Fundamentals


So you know how to grow those organic searches and it’s going well. But you want to succeed faster. Cut right to the chase with paid search. Learn the fundamentals of PPC advertising and how it can work to promote your business.


      • Choose the right keywords for the best results

      • Create compelling landing pages and ad copy – you want to make sure you’re advertising content your audience will be interested in

      • Set up a Google Ads account and create paid search campaigns

 Module 5 – Paid Search Campaigns


Now that you know the basics, it’s time to start running your campaigns. Use PPC advertising to boost your visibility and make the best out of every single click.


      • Manage a paid search campaign budget and understand the rationale behind your bid choices

      • Optimise a paid search campaign using a variety of clever methods

      • Determine success by measuring engagement and reporting on campaign results 

 Module 6 – Demand Generation


Capture interest wherever people are in their journey with demand generation. Whether they’re a first time visitor, just getting to know you or coming back again and again. Be patient, it takes time but it’s worth the payoff.


      • Plan campaigns that generate interest and capture search intent

      • Get familiar with Responsive Display Ads for effective campaigns on any device

      • Reach your audience with targeting, bidding, and remarketing tactics

      • Campaigns can always be better, use reports to spot opportunities for next time

 Module 7 – Search Analytics


Search analytics can feel a bit like having a superpower. There’s so much you can know about what your target market is doing, what they want, how they speak. All of this data is at your fingertips, you just need to know how to use it. So let’s dive in.


      • Set up, measure, monitor and optimize your digital marketing campaigns for success

      • Meet legal responsibilities and best practices for data collection, explicit consent and privacy

      • Configure a Google Analytics account and install a tracking code

      • Analyse digital campaign performance and the customer conversion journey

      • Conduct user research on a budget, prioritize opportunities, and execute a CRO roadmap

      • Get familiar with GA4, the new Google Analytics interface

 Module 8 – Data and Data Visualisation


Data is full of insights and opportunities. But we’re always looking for ways to make data more engaging, especially in a digital world where we have so much of it. Tell the story of what you’ve discovered with data visualization.


      • Get to grips with the fundamentals of collecting and processing data

      • Validate the information you’re collecting

      • Forecast the future with comparative data

      • Make your discoveries visual and bring everyone along for the journey

 Module 9 – Search Strategy 1 – Researching & Planning


So you have tools, techniques, and practiced skills. You’ve learned all of the stepping stones behind making search work hard. Now is your chance to produce a strategic, focused plan that really delivers –  backed up by research and structured by set objectives.

      • Identify omnichannel tactics to generate customer interest and maximize sales 
      • Evaluate how your strategy is performing and optimize
      • How to set search marketing strategy objectives

Module 10 – Search Strategy 2 – Execution & Optimisation


It’s time to put everything you’ve learned into practice with a high-performing search marketing strategy. You have the skills, you’ve done the research, your action plan is prepared. Let’s execute the strategy:     

      • Identify omnichannel tactics to generate customer interest and maximize sales 
      • Evaluate how your strategy is performing and optimize
      • How to set search marketing strategy objectives
      • The industry is always shifting, keep optimising over the long term for bigger and better results