DMI Track - Digital & Social Selling

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Sharpen your digital selling & social media skills with this unique program. You’ll learn the art of finding, targeting, attracting and engaging prospects, closing sales, and building deeper post-sales relationships using a range of new social media tactics and tools.

Digital & Social Selling Course Overview


With a focus on career-ready learning, and delivered through a blend of essential reading, case studies and useful toolkits, this course will quickly give you the social selling tools that are an essential part of any successful sales strategy.

5 Interactive Modules.
Associate Level Certification.
9 Hours self-paced learning content.
FREE DMI Membership included.
Practical Toolkits and Templates.

Key skills and competencies you will gain:

Digital Sales

Social Selling

Targeting Personas

Social Intelligence

Target Marketing

Content Management

Up-selling & Cross-selling

Data Analytics

NEW: Buyer Lifecycle & Prospect Sequencing

NEW: Building Presence & Storytelling

NEW: Sales Forecasting & Improving Productivity

What you’ll learn:

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Social Selling

 This module will cover how the buying journey has fundamentally changed. Learn how social media helps with delivering your message and how to integrate digital sales tools.

Knowledge Gain:

The Changed Buying Process Key Concepts of Social Selling Advantages of Social Selling for Business NEW: Buyer Lifecycle 

Toolkits included:

Social Media Profile Checklist


 Module 2 – Finding and Targeting Prospects

Craft and refine target personas. Use social intelligence and listening tools to monitor online interactions and behavior. Use digital research to help you show up at the right time.

Knowledge Gain:

Building Customer Personas 

Researching to Refine Personas 

Social Listening & Intelligence 

Preparing for Engagement

NEW: Prospect Sequencing 

Toolkits included:

Prospecting Practical Toolkit

Buyer Persona Framework

CMO Persona Template


Module 3 – Attracting Customers

Learn techniques to show up in your target’s social feeds. Create and curate content for social selling and build a network of buyers.

Knowledge Gain:

The Needs of your Target Audience

Creating and Curating Content Matching Content with Channels 

Building and Engaging your Network

NEW: Story Telling 

Toolkits included:

Content Tool: Seek, Sense, Share


Module 4 – Increasing Engagement

A deep look at the needs and motivations of buyers. Curate content that they desire to see. Analyze how best to satisfy and build a lasting rapport.

Knowledge Gain:

Understand your Buyer

Acquiring the Right Content 

Adding Insight for Buyers 

Sharing Content to Build Engagement

NEW: Planning for Engagement

NEW: Improve Productivity with Social Tools 

Expert Insights:

Content Curation with Anders Pink


Module 5 – Closing and Retaining

 This module covers how to keep building your buyer community and use social to engage and convert more. You’ll also learn how to up-sell and cross-sell via digital platforms.

Knowledge Gain:

Strengthening Buyer Relationships

Encouraging Direct Engagement

Using Social Tools to Increase Conversion

Upselling and Cross-selling

Building a Deeper Post-sale Relationship

NEW: Sales Forecasting 

Toolkits included:

BANT Practical Tool