DMI TRACK: Data and Web Analytics Course

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DMI TRACK: Data and Web Analytics Course

Get ready for G4A!

Fast-track your Data and Analytics skills with this online short course. Get job ready skills with a globally recognized certification in bite-sized learning units. Learn about Data Analytics, Reporting, Data Management, and Security, plus get ready for GA4 by learning how to configure the new G4A and Universal Analytics, run reports and connect G4A to other tools.

What You’ll Learn

Module 1 – Data and Analytics Fundamentals

Uncover the insight behind your data. This module brings you through data basics and how to get the most out of the data you already have at your fingertips. You’ll learn:

Understanding Data & Analytics Fundamentals
Agile Working Processes
Big Data and Data Mining
Machine Learning, AI, Analysis Types, and Forecasting

Module 2 – Web Analytics and Google Analytics 4 (G4A)

The move to GA4 is a big deal for marketers. We’ll get you set for success on the new interface. Learn how to configure both GA4 and Universal Analytics, gather your data, and use reports for insights on campaign performance.

Knowledge Gain:

Configure GA4 & Universal Analytics
Install tracking codes
Linking GA to other tools
Monitoring campaigns with reports

Module 3 – Data Security and Compliance 

Good data management is underpinned by secure, compliant data gathering and management. Give your customers and web visitors confidence by using GDPR and CCPA guidance. This module will cover:

Law and Guidelines

Privacy with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Key Concepts of GDPR
GDPR Enforcement: How the 2019 Google Fine Made a Statement
Preparing Your Business for GDPR

Module 4 – Visualising and Presenting Data

Present the key findings and insights from your data. Learn how creative visualisation and presentation can help people understand what your data is telling you. This module will teach you:


Reporting, Visualization, and Presenting Data

Improving Your Presentation Skills

The Best Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing

Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills

Data-driven Reporting

In addition to the above, this 11-hour self-study course includes case studies from Netflix, Spotify and Slack, and the following tools and templates:

  • GA Walkthroughs with Cathal Melinn
  • The Best Alternatives to Google Analytics
  • Privacy in the Age of Siri and Alexa
  • Brian Lavery (AccuWeather) on Data and GDPR
  • The Best Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing
  • Data Visualization Tools & Tips
  • Getting Hands-On with Analytics


The Definitive GDPR Checklist

Channel Performance Tracker

Funnel Conversion Reporting

Master Your Presentations