DMI TRACK: Online Content Marketing Course

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DMI TRACK: Online Content Marketing Course

This online Content Marketing course teaches you content marketing best practice. Learn how to craft your social media messaging to bring visitors to your website. Understand the importance of keywords on your homepage and the growing importance of voice search. Completion of this course provides a globally recognised DMI accreditation.

With a focus on career-ready learning, and delivered through a blend of essential reading, case studies and useful toolkits, this course will quickly make you familiar with the core principles and best practices in content marketing.


  • 5 Interactive Modules.
  • Associate Level Certification.
  • 10 Hours self-paced learning content.
  • FREE DMI Membership included.
  • Practical Toolkits and Templates.

    Key skills and competencies you will gain

    • Brief Development
    • SEO Marketing Concepts
    • Keyword Research
    • Content Creation
    • Connecting Content with Audiences
    • Measuring Content
    • Channel Promotion
    • Content Audit

    What You’ll Learn

    Module 1 – Personas and SEO Strategy

    We teach you how to conduct detailed customer persona research, and identify the right ‘on-page’ content strategy for your website.

    Knowledge Gain:

    Purpose of Content Marketing

    Buyer Personas

    Social Media Demographics

    Guide for Digital Marketers

    Developing a Brief

    SEO Content Marketing Concepts

    Toolkits included:

    Buyer Persona Template

    Digital Marketing Campaign Brief

    Expert Insights:

    Nail Your Content Strategy with Kate Talbot.

    Module 2 – Keywords, SEO, and Voice Search

    Your website is more than just words on a page. In this module, you’ll learn how to use the right language that brings traffic to your website, and increases your revenue.

    Knowledge Gain:

    Keyword Research

    5 Usability Principles That Make Visitors Stick

    Toolkits included:

    Infographic: The 5 Steps of Keyword Research

    Toolkit & Handbook: On-Site SEO Audit

    Case Study/Webinar:

    Voice Search with Clark Boyd (podcast)

    Module 3 – Creativity and Storytelling

    Celebrate your brand by telling your own story. Ask your audience to share, like and engage. In this module we show you how to understand which messages work best for your customers.

    Knowledge Gain:

    Content Creation and Repurposing

    Enhancing Your Creativity

    Your Brand Story

    Creating Great Content to Connect with Youth Audiences

    Toolkits included:

    Content Ideation Template

    Tools and Templates for Successful Blog Posts

    Brand Style Elements Template

    Case Study/Webinar


    The Image Recognition Market

    Lego: The Building Blocks of a Modern-Day Superbrand

     Expert Insights:

    The Power of Design-Led Content Marketing

    How to Write Well Online

    Creating Great Content to Connect with Youth Audiences

    Module 4 – Channel Promotion and Collaboration

    From email to social media, in this module you’ll learn how to organize and measure your content output. You also get a range of toolkits designed to help you manage your content marketing efficiently. 

    Knowledge Gain:

    Content Scheduling and Promotion

    How to Build an Influencer Marketing Strategy

    Successful Collaboration

    Inbound Channels: Social and Content

    Toolkits included:

    Content and Channel Matrix Template

    Content Production Budget Tracker

    Social Media Calendar Template

    Email Content & Copywriting Checklist

    10 Steps to Creating a Social Media Strategy

    Case Study/Webinar:

    Email Marketing Strategy – The Ultimate Blueprint

    Walkthrough: Mailchimp Email Creation

    The Skimm

    Expert Insights:

    How AccuWeather uses social media to distribute content and engage users

    Module 5 – Measuring Performance

    A great content strategy can take your message far and wide quickly. We show you how to measure and understand what messages are working – and where.

    Knowledge Gain:

    Measuring Content Performance

    Evaluating the Performance of SEO Content

    Content Audit Checklist

    The Best Social Media Metrics to Focus On

    Toolkits included:

    Social Content Distribution & Engagement Dashboard

    Content Audit Checklist

    Expert Insights:

    Using Analytics to Boost Content with Stephen Walsh


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