DMI TRACK: Social Media Marketing Course

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DMI TRACK: Social Media Marketing Course

Fast-track your social media marketing skills, get job-ready competencies and a globally recognized certification. This cutting-edge, interactive short course is delivered 100% online, in bite-sized learning units.

More than mere ‘lessons’, this course is an interactive selection of unique learning formats, delivered though toolkits, videos, podcasts, webinars and essential reading. This is a thorough exploration of what social media means today. Exam completion leads to Associate Level Certification.


  • 5 Interactive Modules.
  • Associate Level Certification.
  • 14 Hours self-paced learning content.
  • FREE DMI Membership included.
  • Practical Toolkits and Templates.

    Key skills and competencies you will gain

    • Social Listening
    • Social Intelligence
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Community Building
    • Brand Storytelling
    • Building Personas
    • Enhancing Creativity
    • Content Marketing
    • Strategic Thinking

    What You’ll Learn

    Module 1 – Revealing Insight: Social Customers

    Just who are your customers? Learn how to research their needs and preferred platforms. Find out what resonates best and listen out for their pain points.

    Knowledge Gain:

    Gaining Insight with Social Research

    Key Concepts of Social Selling

    Understanding Your Buyer

    Building Customer Personas

    Social Listening and Social Intelligence

    Tools Included:

    Strategy research template

    How to manage your online reputation

    Buyer persona template

    Building Customer Personas

    Case Study/Webinar:

    Glossier (Skincare & Beauty)

    Risqué Brand Tone on Social Media -Where to Draw the Line?


    Module 2 – Social Apps and Building Communities

    For many businesses, content is the brand experience. Listen to how your customers give feedback. Develop deeper pre- and post-sale relationships. Explore the growing trends of social influencers and the importance of Customer Experience (CX)

    Knowledge Gain:

    Facebook and Instagram for Marketers

    LinkedIn for Marketers

    Twitter and Pinterest for Marketers

    Introduction to Social Video

    Growing and Engaging an Audience Using Social Media

    Case Study/Webinar:

    Facebook: Shaping the Digital Future

    Expert Insights:

    How Can You Sell On Instagram?

    7 Easy Steps to LinkedIn Success

    9 Ideas For Social Media Video

    The Evolution of Digital Video Marketing

    An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok


    Module 3 – Social Content: Brand Storytelling

    Celebrate your brand, share and listen. Develop feedback loops to help you find what works best. Test, adjust and repurpose across different social platforms.

    Knowledge Gain

    Purpose of Content Marketing

    Content Creation & Repurposing

    Creating and Curating Content for Social Selling

    Developing Your Brand Story

    Essential Skills: Project Management

    Tools Included:

    Digital Media Tracker & Planner

    Digital Marketing Campaign Brief

    Project Management Gantt Chart template

    Case Study/Webinar:

    4 Lessons from Lewis Capaldi

    Webinar: Brand Storytelling


    Module 4 – Creativity: Designing Social Content

    Eye catching graphics. Winning headlines. Messaging that resonates. Enhance your creativity by finding and testing what works best for your audience.

    Knowledge Gain:

    Graphic Design Best Principles
    Walkthrough: Canva


    Toolkit: Social Media Style Guide and Template
    Content Production Budget Tracker
    Social Media Calendar Template
    Email Content and Copywriting Checklist
    10 Steps to Create a Social Media Strategy

    Case Study/Webinar:


    Brand Strategy & Planning with venturethree


    Expert Insights:

    The Power of Design led content Marketing

    Fundamentals of Design: Graphic Design

    Graphic Design: Brand Style Guide


    Module 5 – Thinking Strategically: Social Sharing

    Content has many forms, from pure engagement to full funnel ecommerce. Deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time. Gain critical strategic insight over the power of your content.

    Knowledge Gain:

    Matching Content with the Right Channels

    Content Scheduling and Promotion

    Adding Insight for Buyers

    Sharing Content to Build Engagement

    Essential Skills: Becoming a Strategic Thinker

    Tools Included:

    Content and Channel Matrix Template

    Social Media Calendar Template

    Seek > Sense > Share Toolkit

    How to use Anders Pink for Content Curation

    Case Study/Webinar:

    CMO Webinar: Planning for the Future of Marketing

    Expert Insights:

    Reading: Social Media Demographics Guide for Digital Marketers


    INVESTMENT: £355 + VAT