Develop as a Marketing Leader

Our Marketing Leadership Programme will transform you and your marketing team,
with a combination of leadership coaching, mentoring and activities/reflections to help you uncover, unleash and harness your strengths in your life and work.

Ready to feel more powerful, more respected, more confident and more motivated in your work and personal life?

Increase your marketing impact and stay at the top of your game

We’ve put together this unique, first of its kind, marketing leadership coaching programme to nurture, develop and empower experienced marketers.

In just six months you could completely transform your marketing impact, cut out wastage, up-skill your team and demonstrate more ROI. But most importantly, you will flourish as a more confident, empowered leader with a better work life balance,  and more opportunities
ahead of you.

About our Marketing Leaders Development Programme

You’ve attended free workshops or seminar slots at industry conferences. You already have a marketing qualification and you’ve got the digital marketing basics. 

Except that deep down, you’re having some doubts. You’re not confident that your agency’s PPC results are value for money. Or you don’t know why your email open rate has dropped through the floor. Or why your website isn’t ranking well for key search terms.

This is a unique combination of personal 121 coaching and marketing mentoring, and a facilitated team development session, designed to motivate and inspire you and your team. 

During our 121 sessions you’ll tune in to your strengths and values, banish imposter syndrome and see your impact.

About your coach


Hi, I’m Rachel 🙂

I’ve spent more than 20 years in marketing and PR roles, working with lots of brilliant comms professionals. I left my head of communications role 11 years ago to become a self employed consultant, growing a small agency and six figure business that enabled me to work part time around my family without compromising on my ambition and potential.

I’ve worked with brilliant marketing and PR teams throughout my career, but I’ve also witnessed clients dealing with burn out, toxic work politics, horrible bosses and confidence wobbles, without the proper support and strategies to thrive at work.

Often. my clients are brilliant marketers but also feeling like ‘not good enough’ parents in the strive to do it all / have it all/ keep it all together. That’s where I come in!

I’m a fully qualified coach with a passion for innovation and working with leaders and teams who want to get the best possible results, without compromising who they are as a real, actual human!

The Marketing Leadership Programme

Apply to be part of the next cohorts starting 1st March and 1st April 2023


  The Investment


✅ 6 X 121 Coaching and Mentoring Sessions with Rachel Till – take these fortnightly or monthly, depending on your preference

(WORTH £900 + VAT)


✅ 1 x 3 HOUR online (virtual) team development session for your marketing team
(VALUE £600 + VAT)


✅ FACEBOOK GROUP – Join a small and select group of fellow experienced marketing and comms professionals in our private group. This will be your space to compare notes, ask for ideas or advice, and share best practice as you implement what you learn on the course.





YOU PAY: £750 + VAT  



Here’s what clients say about their coaching experience with me:

“Rachel has been a fantastic coach to work with and has really helped to provide me with clarity and to instil me with confidence. Her gentle and warm approach makes it very easy to talk to her and share things I would often struggle to discuss with those closest to me.

I found her to be intuitive and she quickly found techniques that would work for me to help reframe what I was thinking in a more positive way. I have found this one of the most useful things from our sessions as she helped me to challenge old perceptions that I can now see have been holding me back both personally and professionally.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rachel as a coach or mentor. As someone looking for the next steps in my career following redundancy, her approach alongside her marketing expertise and experience in building her own freelance business has been invaluable in supporting me to build a concrete plan on my next steps with a renewed confidence.”



Here’s what clients say about their coaching experience with me:

I have worked with Rachel over the past few months to support my business development and growth. The last 18 months during this pandemic has for me like many self-employed individuals created a pause in thought and address what I want for my business and my life and to get a balance between the two. 

Rachel used a hybrid of coaching and mentoring to work with me on my challenges and opportunities. This has been a transformational change for me. I have understood what my own barriers to change are, where my strengths lie and crucially it has helped me tackle the imposter syndrome that rears its head every now and again!

Rachel has a wonderfully calm, balancing approach that helps you form the answers for yourself. They were already inside my mind but through discussion and intuitive reflective questions these come to the surface. I also value Rachel’s own business success which gave me confidence when we switched to the mentoring approach.

I highly recommend Rachel for coaching and mentoring. She is warm, kind,  honest and curious. All the right qualities from someone who you can trust to support your business.”

Jemma, Freelance Marketing Consultant


Here’s what clients say about their coaching experience with me:


“You Spark and Co-create! You spark possibility, creation, confidence, self-belief – and a way of translating all of my mess into something – a clear pathway. A vision and reality of what could be. I get the sense that it’s not about you, it’s purely centred on me. You are with me – properly invested in me – you really care.

You are delicate in your approach yet you have the intuition to call me out on the things I am hiding behind. You want this to work as much as I want it to work. I get a strong sense that my success is your success – we are growing it together. You stimulate my own creativity rather than imposing stuff – not solving it for me but giving me lots and lots of ideas and then letting me anchor them. You don’t spark ideas and leave me hanging. I really value that you are pragmatic and anchor it down into the ‘so now what’ and give me a clear path for myself of ‘here’s’ what I can do’.

The qualities I value in Rachel as a mentor and coach are that she is intuitive, caring, spiritual, an amazing possibility thinker and fluid/flexible in her approach. She won’t push you down a route that doesn’t feel right for you. I felt the right balance of safe/challenged/inspiration/action.”



Here’s what clients say about their coaching experience with me:

“It was so refreshing to be mentored by Rachel, someone who I could instantly relate to and who had so much experience and knowledge to share. I came away from the conversation feeling more confident and with a notepad full of ideas and tricks to help me plan my next steps. Thank you, Rachel!”

Anna, Senior Marketing Manager


Here’s what clients say about their coaching experience with me:

“I had a coaching session with Rachel and she helped me to look at my work history in a totally different way and to feel more confident in selling myself.  I also felt so much better about my achievements and how to link these to the job specification for greater impact. It was a very productive session and the standard of the work returned was of a very high quality.  I fully recommend it to anyone who is looking for help in this area, you won’t be disappointed.”

Mrs H


Here’s what people say about our group mentoring

“So encouraging! Helpful advice on how to focus marketing in the right way without doing loads of work that is unlikely to bring in clients.”

“Thank you for such an inspiring session. Your passion is amazing to see and I can’t wait to put your ideas into practice.”

“Really helpful in clearing and clarifying and repointing me back into alignment as to where I am going and seeking to go.”

“Really enjoyed your talk and honing down my ‘why’. Lots of tips and things to reflect on. Loved the anecdotes too. I will definitely do the work you suggested to keep that inner critic at bay.”

“Rachel has really inspired me and encouraged me to have the confidence to find my direction and start my own business.”

“Really inspired me to hear from someone who has been through the same emotional journey of being a working mum.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m a freelancer. Can I sign up for this programme?

Yes, absolutely! I already work with a number of self employed consultants as a mentor and coach to help them with expansion, profitability and enjoyment within their business. This is a great option to upgrade your digital marketing skills, add new services to your business and receive coaching and mentoring to assist you with any mindset or business challenges!

Q: Can my whole team enrol on this programme?

A: Yes, I offer a team development option which combines monthly team innovation coaching sessions. Contact me for an informal discussion about your team development needs or book a call here.




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